Leo Clemens

violin lessons /  violin classes in Berlin Mitte

Leo Clemens - violin lessons, violin studies, violin classes, violin teacher in Berlin Mitte, Musikkapelle Berlin
Leo Clemens - violin teacher in Berlin Mitte - Photo Graham Hains

Leo Clemens was born in Berlin. He started playing the violin at the age of five. He studied with Prof. Dr. Bert Greiner und Prof. Kathinka Rebling music pedagogy at the BTU in Cottbus. Since 2004 he is working as a freelance violinist and violin teacher.

Leo plays as a steady cast in permanent musical formations such as Barefaced Body Trio or the Folk Band Na Part. He loves doing recordings and constantly engages in concert, theatre productions and educational projects.


about my lessons

Playing an instrument should be taken literally. It shall be playful, curious and indulging. Music enables people to communicate and interact miraculously without words. To me it is one of the most beautiful languages. Though there is a need of continuous practice to learn it like with every other language too. The violin isn't suppose to be the easiest instrument, but if you or your kids engage diligently you won't regret. 

My passion is to inspire my students to find their own way to create and communicate through music with the violin...


I'm teaching all levels from the very beginning to master classes or preparation for musical studies. I have a little pool of instruments in different sizes for trial lessons. 


Feel free to ask, I'm looking forward to hear from you!




I have another studio in Berlin Kreuzberg at Bergmannstraße 58